Origin of language and culture: ancient history of mankind

N 1 (7)

January - February



Ancient languages

Mosenkis Yu.L., Sinishin R.I., Pereverzev D.I.

Problems of genealogical classification of languages of East Asia

The criticism of the concept of allocation of separate language macrofamilies, such as Nostratic, China-Caucasian and others, is given. Problems of classification and connections of the Paleoasiatic languages and also the China-Tibetan languages are discussed.
Key words: Nostratic languages, China-Tibet languages, Afro-Asiatic languages, Paleoasiatic languages, Tibetan languages.

Origin of intellect

Kaznatcheyev V.P., Trofimov A.V.

The cosmophysical intellectual hologram in the modeled "Kozirev space"

It is described the experiments on the distant translation o information, presented on a film and connected with the 28 objects of the geological, biological and artificial origination. The information transmission was produced using the laser technology in "Kozirev mirror". It was detected that under the phase transitions in photoemulsion6 occurred in the "Kozirev space", it is possible the reproduction of information, produced by material objects, which are the withesses of different epochs and cultures. This information was perceived by people, remoted on the dozens kilometers from the mentioned objects. At the same time the polygraph reproduction information was not perceived. Under the experiments in the "Kozirev mirror" space it was observed a set of unusual optical effects, registrated on a film, including the phenomenon of the metal mirrors temporary transparentness.
Key words: "Kozirev mirrors", distant information transmission, energy-information hologram, alive matter.

Ancient buildings

Berdyshev G.D.

Pyramids - from legends and myths to the rational cognition

In present time the pyramids knowledge is gradually transformed into rational science with its cognition methods and investigation object. The history of pyramids discovery and study is described, the attendant myths and legends are criticized, the modern pyramidology state is presented, the recommendations on the pyramids usage for health service are given. It is described the author experiments with drozofile and mousse, devoted to the ground of the electromagnetic essence of the pyramids curative action. The pyramids euristics principles are firstly grounded.
Key words: history, ancient buildings, pyramid, electromagnetic fields and radiations, space form effects, therapeutic effect, water.

Theory of historical processes

Boukalov A.V.

Archetypes, C.G.Jung's Principle of Synchronicity and Phenomenon of Periodicity Human History

The particular class of global synchronistic archetypes is introduced and has been considered. They affect the historical process on mental and physical level similarly to C.G.Jung's archetypes impact at the human consciousness level which result in periodicity and repetition of some historic events. These archetypes may serve as explanation of historic events coincidence paradox discovered by N.N.Morozov and A.T.Fomenko and erroneously interpreted as counterparts.
Key words: global archetype, history, archaeology, chronology, C.G.Jung's principle of synchronicity, uncausality, physics of consciousness, physical structure of historic time.

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