Origin of language and culture: ancient history of mankind

N 6 (6)

November - December



Origin of language

Boukalov A.V.

The quantum-mechanical approach to the description of language and its evolution

On the base of consideration of the phenomenon of language and speech as the quantum wave process it is proposed the new linguistic laws of evolution of the all languages from the united ancient language. It is shown that the formal-comparative and semantic approaches in the researches of language as paradigms reciprocally eliminate each other, according to the author quantum principle of complimentarity between the formal and semantic aspects of human thinking and the corresponding objects descriptions.
Key words: monogenesis, language, quantum principle of complimentarity, formal and semantic description, linguistics, psyche, thinking.

Language and History of Culture

Mosenkis Yu.L.

"The Word about Igor's Shelf" is the magic poetic text

It is offered reconstruction of the supposed primary form of "the Word about Igor's Shelf" as a magic poetic text.
Key words: "the Word about Igor's Shelf", magic text, reconstruction of text.

History and archeology

Videiko M.Yu.

The sacred country Aratta is found

The last archaeological researches allow to localize the Aratta country, known from Sumerian sources, in East Iran. On archeological and historical data it can be connected with so-called " Jiroft Civilization" in the province Kerman possessed writing already in IV thousand B.C.
Key words: Aratta, Ancient Sumer, Jiroft Civilization, ancient Mesopotamia.


Burdo N.V.

The sacral world of Vedic epoch

The functions of Indo-Aryan gods, described in Rig-Veda, are considered. Sights of different authors at the sacral world of Vedic epoch are analyzed and compared.
Key words: Rig-Veda, Indo-Aryan mythology, Indo-Aryan cosmology.


Kholmanskaja L.I., Khvalkov D.A.

Fish as prehistoric Christians symbol

Carry out compared analysis of prehistoric and Christians symbolic of fish. Spirit and physical factors of this symbol will be discussed.
Key words: paganism, christianity, Khersones, fish, bread, the Christ.

New languages

Simonov Yu.I.

Internet-party. New lexicon. The ironical notes of linguist is willy-nilly

Appearance, functioning and evolution of Internet-slangs and jargons as modifications of ordinary language of intercourse is considered.
Key words: new languages, slang, internet-intercourse, jargon.

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