Origin of language and culture: ancient history of mankind

N 4 (4)

Jule - August



Ancient languages

Mosenkis Yu.L.

Languages of basques and kartvels in the context of the archaic linguistic world of Eurasia

It is shown the connection of language of basques not only with kartvel's languages but also with other archaic languages of Eurasia, in particular with shumerian, kassits and yenisenian.
Key words: language of basques, archaic languages, kartvelian languages, shumerian language, north-Caucasian languages.

Language and History of Culture

Mosenkis Yu.L., Jakimenko N.V.

Magic-mythological sources of sakral law in the light of psychology and linguistics

The connection of morally-legal concepts of ancient societies with archaic thinking, magic rituals and magic consequences is tracked.
Key words: mythological world view, myth, magic ritual, world law.


Malovichko A.V., Kozyrski W.H.

Could the language of primitive hunter be saved? (Language Monogenesis - III)

New arguments and not trivial illustrative examples in favour of monogenesis language are resulted.
Key words: linguistics, comparativistics, language monogenesis, nostratic theory, Hamitic languages, language divergence.

Origin of intellect

Kaznatcheyev V. P., Trofimov A. V.

The experimental works on the problem "intellect as the cosmoplanet phenomenon"

It is studied the influence of the solar activity and geomagnetic environment on the human organism and psychics. It is shown that the geomagnetic environment, being the important cosmophysical element, produces the influence on the intellectual-psychics human status. The geophysical conditions variations in the certain periods of the internal human development can cause the formation of the human organism chemical dependence on the psychically active matters as well as the intellect defects and the psychical diseases development. There is the reliable correlative connection between the intellect coefficient and the solar activity level near the calculated fecundation date. Thus the intellect, the psychical functions, the human diseases and the creative abilities reflect the cosmogeophysical space structure in several generations.
Key words: antropoecology, geomagnetic field, brain electric potentials, solar activity, intellect, cosmogeophysical space structure, embryo development.

Theory of historical processes

Boukalov A.V.

Recurrence of phases of development of the society and new laws of historical development

Use of models of socionics - theories of psychoinformation structures of the person and society - allows to describe cyclic development of the state and a society, to analyze historical events, change of historical epoch and political modes in particulary history of Russia, evolution of the USSR and its disintegration.
Key words: cycles, historical epoch, socionics, the law of replacement of quadras.

History and archeology

Furduy R.S., Shvaidak Yu.M.

Unusual skulls of ancient

By the artificial change of form of skull or his trepanations ancient priests initiated appearance of unusual psychical capabilities for people.
Key words: skulls of ancient people, sacral deformation of skull.


Mosenkis Yu.L.

Phaestos disk as astronomical device

The maior concern of the research is the demonstration of asronomical function of the Phaestos disk.
Key words: Phaestos disk, astronomical device, Ancient Crete.


Koncha S.V.

To the question about an indo-european tsar (and to the problem of sufficiency of the bases in reconstructions)

There is discussed the article "Indo-European Conception about the Sacral Tsar-Legislator..." by Yu.Mosenkis and N.Jakimenko in issue 3/07 of the journal.
Key words: Indo-Europeans, sacral tsar, Indo-European society.

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